About Me

Hello there! I'm Eddie Mead. I'm an animator, character designer and storyboard artist graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology.

I have a passion for sci-fi and horror films, adult animation and bow ties.

I'm always eager to be a part of projects that share a passion for creativity and innovation in the ever growing and changing world of animation. For me, my favorite animations always bring something new to the table, be it through unique character design, fresh humor or a brand new story from diverse storytellers.

I'm available for freelance, contract and in-house work in...

  • Character Design

  • Storyboarding/Board revising

  • 2D animation and cleanup

  • 2D compositing

  • Illustration

  • Comic art

Notable previous clients include:

SpindleHorse Toons
Harry Partridge

SketchyMedical, LLC

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