Eddie Mead is a storyboard artist and creator located in Burbank, California. He has 3 years of story experience and has been working in art professionally for over 5 years.

Eddie has a passion for expressive, character-based stories that explores what it means to be human -- Especially through the non-human, like robots, aliens, and monsters.

In his spare time, Eddie can be found developing passion projects, watching sci-fi and horror movies, or trying a new blend of tea. He hoards tea. It's starting to become a problem.

Eddie is currently a storyboard revisionist at Warner Bros Animation, as well as a freelance storyboard artist on the animated webseries, Helluva Boss.

Available in September '22! Looking for full-time work in:

  • Storyboarding

  • Storyboard Revisions

  • 2D compositing

  • Comic Illustration


Please inquire for availability!

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